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How Can SBG Work For You?

Most human resources departments are challenged with providing information and support for their employees who become eligible for Medicare health benefits. They fully understand the world of personnel issues and health insurance, but the maze of Medicare can be overwhelming. Not only are they responsible for their employees Medicare benefits, but their spouses, and former employees who are staying on the company plan or enrolling in COBRA as well. This challenge is even more prevalent as the number of employees working well beyond the age of 65 is at an all time high.

Seniority Benefit Group can act as an extension of your human resources team, handling only Medicare-related issues.  Our team of Medicare advisors will work directly with your employees providing them with the information and support they need handling their important Medicare decisions. This will allow your HR team to devote more time doing everything else saving the organization time and money.  

Human resources departments work hard to provide support and information to their employees regarding their health benefits. The one area where knowledge has been lacking is the understanding of Medicare eligibility and coverage for both active Medicare-age employees and spouses and former employees continuing on the employer’s plan or enrolling in COBRA. This is a growing challenge as many of our young seniors are continuing to be active in the workplace.