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5 Apps to Organize Your Health Records

Medical Record Applications

They say you can never be too rich or too thin, but how about too organized? Technology continues to evolve in order to make life more efficient. File organization and access to pertinent health information is now available right at your fingertips.

Healthcare information is protected information that many have been concerned about storing digitally. While it would be nice to have your records easily accessible by medical professionals and family members, how can you be sure your information is secure? The newest generation of apps and websites available are compatible with electronic health records in doctor’s offices, which are encrypted and protected by federal privacy laws. The following apps allow you to carry your medical charts on your mobile device, safely.

1. iBlueButton

Blue Button started in 2014 as a federal initiative designed to make it easier for consumers to access their health records online. It began with veterans and Medicare and Medicaid recipients, but it now extends to the general public. The app allows users to download Blue Button health records, including x-ray images, from Medicare, insurance companies and electronic medical record patient portals onto their smartphone device. It also provides caregivers and family members the opportunity to manage records for family members. Updates to medical records can be shared through direct links, such as an email address.

2. MyChart

MyChart provides access to your medical records on your smart device any time. At a glance you are able to view information such as vaccinations, office visits and current prescriptions. You can also send non-urgent messages to your provider and receive a response within a couple days, schedule visits directly from the app, and request prescription refills. All of your information is also available online if you are unable to access it from your mobile device.

3. Capzule PHR

The Capzule PHR app allows you to safely store and access your medical records without an Internet connection.The app includes features such as pill reminders, immunizations records, glucose tracking and more. For added security, users can upload photos with information to allow medical professionals and family members the ability to confirm the accuracy of the information. Data can be backed up and shared to additional family members, if needed.

4. My Medical

This comprehensive app integrates with your calendar to remind you about doctor appointments, prescription refills and more. You can also have reminders sent directly from your app. No detail is left out in terms of function and design with this app. In addition to a basic record of condition, procedures and medications, the app includes additional details. For medication you can find side effects, photos, frequency and dosage information. The app also allows you to upload photos of anyone who is able to have access to your medical information, which could be useful in an emergency situation. My Medical meets the industry standard Continuity of Care Record format, which means it is easy to transfer records from one system to another, should your provider use an alternate format. All information is stored directly to your device and not on a remote server, for added security.

5. Chart Span

This easy to use app allows you to request, store and access your records at your convenience. The app allows you to safely store your vision, dental, immunization, prescription, medical, x-rays, medication, and lab results with peace of mind, offering encryption functionality to ensure your medical records stay secure and private. Records are stored chronologically and color coded for functionality.

Your health is a top priority. Maintain peace of mind that your records are available and accessible should an emergency arise. SBG can also help ease your mind by helping you select the right Medicare plan for you. Read ”6 Steps for Medicare Peace of Mind” to find out how. For more information about Medicare, visit our Medicare Library or contact one of our Medicare Advisors today.