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Seniority Spotlight: Kerry Quick

Kerry Quick, Benefit Advisor


Kerry Quick, Benefit Advisor

How long have you worked at SBG?
8 years

What do you like most about working for SBG?
What I most like is that we truly help people and provide solutions. Most days end with a sense of accomplishment.

What is your greatest accomplishment – work or personal?
My son

When you are not working, where can people find you?
At home, at a Barre3 studio, or with friends

Where did you go to College?
Marywood University 

Would Love…
To go to Rome

Do you have a hidden talent?

Who is your favorite sports team?
The Ohio State Buckeyes

What is one piece of advice you would give someone approaching 65?
Start the Medicare process early!

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  1. Message for Kerry Quick, My wife & I have a schedule meeting 12/12 @ 11am at your office. My notes indicated that you are planning to send us forms to be completed prior to the initial meeting. At your convenient, please send the form needed

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